Wholesale Enquiry

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Mama & Bird Skincare. You may enquiry about our wholesale pricing by filling in the enquiry form at the footer of this page. Alternatively if you are a member of the Faire Wholesale Platform we have linked our store below. 

Please note, to be considered as a Mama & Bird stockists you need to be an existing business, with an online presence or physical premises that we can view for consideration. If you are in the process of setting your business up, please contact us once you are trading or when your website / marketing is complete. 

Brick and mortar retail stores: we endeavour to ensure a reasonable distance between our retail stockists so that no two stores are in extremely close proximity to each other, eg. on the same street. We do not offer suburb exclusivity unless individually agreed with stockists based on order commitments. The exception may be very small regional towns, but will be discussed with the retailer on application. 

Mama & Bird Skincare products are not available for re-sale by stockists on online market places such as Amazon, Ebay, Facebook marketplace, Etsy, Gumtree etc, or at community markets or fetes.