Our Certifications


One of our main priorities when creating Mama & Bird Skincare was ensuring our formulations are safe for both mother and baby. Our products are created using only pregnancy and infant safe ingredients, and adhere to strict formulation safety guidelines. Reviewed by Safe Cosmetics Australia, an independent Australian body that assesses the safety and toxicity of skincare and cosmetics, our products have achieved the below certifications. 


Australian Certified Toxic-Free: The Toxic-Free Campaign aims to raise chemical awareness & provide manufacturers with a higher standard of manufacturing cosmetics than current law provides & that consumers demand. As part of this certification brands pledge to exclude & restrict potentially toxic chemicals of concern published on Safe Cosmetics Australia Hot List. Where a formulation is 100% compliant with the Safe Cosmetics Australia Toxic-Free list, the product can be endorsed with the Australian Certified Toxic-Free trademark.

Made Safe Non-Toxic Certified: Products that carry the Made Safe® trademark are committed to reducing toxicity. The Made Safe® campaign addresses an estimated 85,000 chemicals available world wide 40,000 of these chemicals are permitted for use in Australia & over 10,000 are specifically used by the beauty industry. Consumer expectations demand the highest quality when it comes to product performance, that's why Safe Cosmetics Australia launched the Made Safe® campaign to recognise products that are formulated free-from the chemicals that form the Toxic-Free campaign criteria.  

Vegan Friendly Certified: Our vegan friendly products contain no animal or insect ingredients or animal bi-products, including Vitamin B5 which is derived from a bi-product of honey.  

Cruelty Free Certified: This certification acknowledges our commitment to no animal testing on our products or ingredients. We go to great lengths to ensure that our company, skincare manufacturer and ingredient suppliers do not test on animals. 

Australian Allergy Certified: Safe Cosmetics Australia Allergy Certified® campaign logo endorses brands that pledge to provide consumers with full ingredient transparency as well as specific safety advice concerning potential allergens.