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Baby Buddies Duo
Mikayla Whyte
It smells delightful and feels incredible!

We have recently added this beautiful duo to our night time routine & my goodness it’s delicious 😍 It smells delightful and feels incredible!

The Best!

The Belly Duo is hands down one of the best belly butter & belly oils i’ve used!

Baby Lotion
Jemma Graham
The most beautiful botanical baby lotion

🍃Silky smooth and the perfect bath/bedtime combo. Have been using Mama & Bird Products since they made their first ever launch and have been obsessed ever since.

Blissful morning rituals 🕊️💧

All natural skincare by Mama &Bird has been keeping my skin hydrated and glowing during my second pregnancy 🕊️🥒

Baby Buddies Duo
hanadi alautebi
Gorgeous baby range!

This gorgeous baby skincare range is everything✨

Belly Duo

Giving my bump some extra love with @mama_and_bird belly duo 🫶🏼

Baby Lotion
Keeping my Bebe extra soft 🕊️

Mama & Bird Baby Lotion

Baby Buddies Duo
Bec Frost

We’re absolutely obsessed with the Mama & Bird baby products! Tommys' skin feels and looks so great. It’s been so gentle on his skin, so hydrating and no reactions or flare ups at all. Really loving it ☺️☺️"

Baby Lotion
Chloe Hohnke
Locks in the moisture and calms my daughters skin

I have finally found a location that is effective! The baby lotion has helped clear both of my girls skin, after having success with my one year old I started using the lotion on my six year olds eczema and it honestly helped so much! Thank you for creating a product that is so beautiful and actually works!

Baby Buddies Duo
Chloe Hohnke
This beautiful duo worked magic on my babies skin!

I have been using the baby wash and lotion for a couple of months now and am blown away with how effective they have been. My one year old daughter was suffering with dry and irritated skin and since using Mama and Bird her skin has cleared. These beautiful products also smell divine and come in the most stunning bottles. I am in LOVE.

Baby Buddies Duo
Karrie Smith

The @mama_and_bird baby wash and lotion smells like a dream!!! So gentle on Oaks sensitive dry winter skin and I cannot wait to have a little newbie baby smell this good 🥰🥰

Mama Essentials Trio
Karrie Smith
So obsessed

With still puking I found it so hard to find real moisturising products that didn’t have a super over powering scent. @mama_and_bird is just that. It smells so fresh, so light yet they all feel SOOOOOO amazing! It’s a little treat to the bump every use 🥺🫶🏽

Gorgeous baby products

Unfortunately both my kids have been stuck with sensitive skin prone to eczema like myself so I’m really cautious about what we use in the bath and on their skin!

Thankfully these products didn’t just make an improvement in Myah’s flare ups, but they also didn’t cause any further irritation 🤍 @_lifewithmyah

Skin is so soft!

We are loving the products! No rash’s, bumps or itching from Lyla now! Definitely working for us, at the moment her skin is so soft! @lylaroseandlife

Love them

I honestly don’t want to use anything else now, we love the Mama & Bird Baby Wash and Lotion, and Millie’s skin has 100% been better, so thank you so much! 🤍

Gentle and smell so nice

In less about 2.5 weeks I can see a noticeable change my eldest daughter's skin, especially in problematic areas like behind her knees.The Mama & Bird baby bath products are beautifully gentle and smell so nice. They help to reinforce our nightly bathing ritual and ensure our girls' skin is moisturised and cared for.

Baby Buddies Duo
therese callaghan
Helped so much!

My daughters poor skin went from all red, blotchy and scabby too soft, smooth and so hydrated in a matter of days. We were worried that she had developed bad eczema and thought that using these Mama & Bird products would be our last shot before we went to the GP about it.

We tried everything from breastmilk, to water only, to every soap or moisturiser. Nothing worked until we found the baby care range from @mama_and_bird

I’ve been using it for just over a week and in completely shocked by the change in her skin already. If you’re looking for a trusted product to use on your little ones, look no further! Thank you Mama & Bird for producing such an amazing skincare range that’s safe enough to use on my little one, it’s helped her and us so much😭 🤍

Baby Wash

We’re loving the Baby Buddies Duo! My old routine consisted of coconut oil and comb through in the bath, followed with a soapy rinse. Been doing that for about 5 months…I decided to give that a go with the lotion and wash and WOW. Huge improvement. The lotion has really hydrated the scalp more so than the coconut oil. Now when I comb through in the bath it flakes off easily. 

Happy Bubs

My daughters skin is so much better, better than any medicated product we have tried thus far. I've found the Baby Wash really soothing and it's evident when she comes out the bath because her skin isn't so red and irritated. As for the Lotion, it seems to keep her skin hydrated more than other products we have tried, I usually lotion her 3 times a day but with this one I only do morning and night because she doesn't seem to need extra. She had a patch of dry flaky skin on the side of her face, well that's basically fading away now.

From bump to babe

From bump to babe I have been loving the products from @mama_and_bird ☁️. I have been using the baby range for the past two weeks on my children and have been loving the results. They have left them with beautiful soft skin, not to mention leaving them smelling irresistible.

Baby Buddies Duo
Kate Rodgers
We absolutely love these products

These products absolutely beautiful, we have been loving them 🥰. The packaging is super easy to use when trying to wrangle 2 kids and get bathtubs done hassle free. It hasn’t irritated my son’s sensitive skin which is great and no stinging eyes with the wash!

Baby Wash
Ashleigh Fischer
Beautiful products

We’re being using Mama and bird baby wash and lotion for a couple of weeks and we are in love! It is so gentle on my daughters skin as she has sensitive skin and eczema. Her skin is much more softer, hydrated and her eczema isn’t as flared up. The products smell so beautiful and is definitely a bath time essential for us!

Bath time favourites

Have been using our baby products with my toddler and newborn and so in love with the wash and lotion! Will 100% be purchasing more. The smell is just divine 🥰

Amazing Duo

I am in love with using these products on Toby every night and he loves his little massages he gets with the lotion after his baths.

Belly Butter
Olivia Coleman
Pregnancy non-negotiable

As the belly is growing and little babe is blooming inside me, my belly is definitely feeling very tight and itchy. The beautiful belly products from @mama_and_bird have been absolutely glorious for helping with the itchiness and tightness 💫 - @oliviarosecoleman