Caring For Your Family

Mama & Bird Skincare is an Australian made and owned skincare brand, harnessing the power of natural ingredients to create luxurious skincare solutions that bridge the gap between a woman's existing skincare routine and her evolving pre and postpartum needs, and the needs of her children.

Choosing a family skincare routine is often a minefield of conflicting information. The list of endless do’s & don’ts can be confusing and overwhelming for mothers. Mama & Bird Skincare are passionate about simplifying this unnecessarily complex decision, by offering mothers the most natural, non-toxic, results-driven skincare to support them, and their children, throughout pregnancy and into motherhood. We are dedicated to listening to mother’s skin concerns, so that we can mindfully curate multi-functional body products that are backed by science and loved by your skin. 


Beginning with supporting the mother
Whilst our vision was always to create a complete mother and baby skincare collection, we intentionally began the brand creating products for the mother. All too frequently we mothers put ourselves last, our busy schedules prioritising our little people and families over our personal needs. So with that in mind we created a range of premium mother centred products to support women throughout pregnancy and postpartum. Offering a small daily dose of self-love to their busy lives. 


Our commitment to ingredient integrity 
Mama & Bird Skincare are committed to creating beautiful skincare products that are safe, non-toxic and created using carefully selected ingredients specific to the unique needs of pre and postnatal skincare and infant care. For two years prior to our launch, we dedicated our time to researching and developing our launch product range, working in partnership with our highly experienced skincare manufacturer to create the most optimal product formulations that deliver beyond function.

Mama & Bird Skincare is created using gentle blends of botanical actives, butters, plant-based vegan waxes, pregnancy / infant safe plant oils and extracts and advanced patented natural ingredients. Our vegan friendly products contain no animal ingredients or animal bi-product ingredients. What you won't find in our products: parabens, petrochemicals, sulphates (SLS/SLES), synthetic silicones, mineral oils, animal products and bi-products, synthetic colours & fragrances.


Our commitment to you 
One of our main priorities when creating our range was ensuring our formulations are safe for both mother and baby. This was one of the determining factors when selecting our Manufacturing Partner; their depth of knowledge surrounding pregnancy and infant product and ingredient safety. Our products are creating using pregnancy and infant safe ingredients and adhere to strict formulation safety guidelines.

Reviewed by Safe Cosmetics Australia, an independent Australian body that assesses to safety and toxicity of skincare and cosmetics, our products are Australian Certified Toxic-Free, Made Safe Non-Toxic Certified, Vegan Friendly Certified, Cruelty Free Certified, and Australian Allergy Certified. 

Whilst every effort is taken on our part to create products that are incredibly gentle and irritant free, each person’s skin is different and unique, with its own sensitivity tolerances. For this reason we recommend doing a small sensitive patch test before you use any new skincare product (our brand or any other brand).